Upgrade Your Health and Your Lifestyle with a DETOX

Upgrade Your Health and Your Lifestyle with a DETOX

Life seems to move seamlessly from one fad to another. Detoxing and tea have become almost synonymous over the last decade or so. Most think of Detoxing in the realm of weight loss but there is so much more involved than that. While there are some century old methods to help remove toxins from your body, most of today’s teas focus on flushing the bowel, which in the short term causes malnutrition and ultimately unhealthy weight loss. This is where our blends and methods diverge.

We started by envisioning a blend to help flush toxins from where they can hide, the liver, kidneys and fat cells. That resulted in a combination of some mild diuretics,  metabolic enhancers, along with a mild laxative effect to help your body start to release toxins it may be harboring from your diet, medications, and other lifestyle choices. We teamed up with Recco Persall and Wellness365 to upgrade your detoxing experience with a complete four week program. When combined these methods help ramp up your bodies natural process for removing toxins.

What are Toxins?

The scientific definition for toxins as stated by Dictionary.com is : A poisonous substance, especially one produced by a living organism. Toxins can be products or byproducts of ordinary metabolism, such as lactic acid, and they must be broken down or excreted before building up to dangerous levels. Yes you read that right poisonous. While our body's have their own natural mechanisms for ridding us of toxins, they can slow with age and vary based on lifestyle.

There are two key players in your bodies process of removing toxins are your liver and kidneys. The liver filters the blood and cleanses the blood. It not only filters out toxins and processes them into waste, but it also helps process some of the bodies metabolites.  The Kidneys add to that process by filtering the blood and processing out toxins through your urine.

Why should I Detox?

Well there are a number of reason Detox may be right for you the number one being you are ready to live the life you deserve be being a healthier YOU. If you experiencing:

  • Decreased metabolism
  • Sluggish or consistently tired.
  • Ready for a lifestyle change
  • Last few stubborn pounds
  • Wanting to get your body back in balance
  • You've been experiencing new symptoms but your doctor says there is no indication of disease


My Detox Story

In 2015 I was applying for life insurance and as a part of the process they do a few different blood tests. One of the things they test is your liver enzymes, but an expanded version of the standard hepatic function panel.  Gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT), in particular, was elevated. This was odd for two reasons,  my other liver enzymes were normal and this particular enzyme is used to verify liver damage or disease. I was in my early thirties and wasn't making questionable health choices and had no family history that would lead me to be concerned about liver disease. I immediately called my regular doctor to discuss the result and we scheduled time for me to come do a subsequent test in his office and discuss the results. The GGT level was indeed elevated and there was no clear indication or medical reason as to why. We discussed my medications and I inquired if it could be related to the Depo-provera. I had been taking the contraceptive for a while and had completely forgotten that liver problems were in their long list of side effects.

As with a lot of people on Depo I had gained weight after starting the injections and never fully thought through all of the possible reason why. Depo is a synthetic hormone that acts like progestogen in the body. The shot, administered quarterly, is given in a high enough dosage to account for any medication that may be processed out by the body. Subsequently, the remaining hormones are stored for the most part by your fat cells as that is their natural job. The hormones that aren't used or stored are removed from your blood stream by your liver and kidneys. The liver, however, will store substances it deems harmful which can lead to liver disease.

We determined that I should stop the depo, as I was due for an injection soon and retest my levels in 6 months and get an ultrasound. In the interim I began researching ways to flush/detox your liver. The ultrasound thankfully was fine. The detox itself was a success, not only did my enzymes levels return to normal, but all that excess weight I was holding as a result of being on Depo melted off.

Here are all of the habits I changed:

  • Primarily organic fruits and vegetables to decrease the number of toxins I was taking in from questionable farming practices.
  • Skin care products to all natural products without chemical preservatives.
  • Increased my level of daily activity
  • Got intentional about my rest
  • No meat
  • No dairy

What is the 28 Day Program?

At Wellness 365 our goal is to help you create and maintain healthy lifestyle in a sustainable ways. It takes at least 21 days to create a habit and our 28 day program is designed to help you do just that. You can choose to use the tea, or solely complete the program. For the best results we encourage to use both and join us for our life changing 4 week program. You can read more about the program with our free informative guide below.

What is in the Tea?

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the key players and what their benefits are:

Beetroot - increases metabolism

Bilberry - antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, nutritive, helps control blood sugar, improves circulation

Cinnamon - increases metabolism and lowers blood sugar

Dandelion - increases metabolism, diuretic, laxative, nutritive: stimulates kidney function, liver tonic (good for inflammation and congestion of the liver and gallbladder).

Green tea - promotes weight loss, improves mental alertness, powerful antioxidant

Licorice -  nutritive, mild laxative, protective of the liver, expectorant

Marshmallow - digestive aid; prevents constipation and diarrhea

Nettle - nutritive, diuretic, anti inflammatory, anti-rheumatic, kidney tonic, blood tonic

Reishi - relieves stress

Rhodiola -  increases energy, stamina, mental capacity and improves athletic performance and strength


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Before starting any health program, you will want to consult with your physician to ensure that it is safe for you. Especially if you have chronic health conditions or take medications regularly.

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