The Best Black Owned Teahouses and Coffee Shops in Denver

The Best Black Owned Teahouses and Coffee Shops in Denver

It's hard to believe that it is February all over again! Last year flew by, and considering the kind of year it was we really haven’t decided if that was a bad thing.  In celebration of Black History Month, we wanted to share with you our Favorite Black Locally owned and operated Tea Houses and Coffee Shops! While they are by no means ranked in order (I just can't rank them they are all so amazing), each of these businesses has a unique story, flavor and flair. The food choices range from carnivore to vegan with some gf options peppered in as well. With so many amazing locations to choose from and delectable fares you are certain to find something for even the pickiest of tea and coffee drinkers. To help you along that journey we are giving away gift cards to a few of our favorite spots! 



1. Tea Lees Teahouse and Bookstore

611 22nd Street Denver, CO 80205

Hours: Thursday - 9am - 7pm,  Friday and Saturday - 9am - 8pm,  Sunday 10am - 2pm.

Seating: Indoor and patio

Located in the historic Five points Neighborhood Tea Lees is the only black owned Tea House in Denver. Moving to the ‘rhythm of tea’ it is a quintessential tea experience. The Bookstore, cultivated by the late Louis Freeman, curator of the Hue-man experience which closed in 2003, includes a variety of offerings from local and other well known authors. You can pop-in early morning for that first cup of tea or coffee or late afternoon for wine, beer or alcohol infused cocktails you won’t be disappointed. They even have Afternoon high tea by appointment for the traditional tea lover in you. Keep reading for details on how to be entered to win Afternoon High Tea for 4!

IG: tealeesteahouse


2.  Coffee at The Point

710 East 26th Avenue Denver, CO 80205

Hours: Monday - Saturday:  7 am - 7 pm  Sunday:  7 am - 5 pm

Seating: Indoor and Patio

Another gem and corner stone in the revitalizing Five Points Neighborhood is Coffee at The Point. In the same location for more than a decade they are a community driven local staple. The name itself quite possibly may be a play on words, it is literally at the meeting point of three Denver streets Welton, Washington and 27th avenue. The brew here is a fresh roasted local brand, and the tea is how it was meant to be loose leaf. With 3,000 sq of space it is a great place to host a meeting or other event. Coffee at The Point features a robust menu rounded out by gelato, and adult beverages. 

IG: coffeeatthepoint

Update 12/2023 - Coffee at the Point is now closed


3.  Whittier Café

1710 East 25th Avenue, Denver, Colorado 80205

Hours: Monday - Thursday:  7 am - 5 pm Friday - Sunday:  7 am - 7 pm

Seating: Indoor and Patio

Known as the activist coffee shop the Whittier Cafe is nestled in the Whittier neighborhood just blocks from Manual High School. It is the perfect place to get a dose of Social Justice or donate to some. Concerned with the health of the Community at large, Whittier is more than a café.  You can enjoy the local art inside with a fresh brewed cup of loose leaf tea or coffee. On Sundays at 2 they host a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony. The menus ranges from Santiago's Breakfast Burritios (a local fave), to pastries and Ice cream. 

IG: whittiercafe


4. Federal Coffee

2307 Federal Boulevard, Denver, Colorado 80211

Hours: Daily 8 - 2pm; CLOSED Tuesday

Seating: Indoors but currently carry out only

Federal Coffee is the realization of the Dreams of Husband and Wife team, Mark and Sonia. Here the coffee is organic, and fair trade with intention. Invested in the community, the walls are peppered with art from local artists and when the doors are open local musicians as well. The pastries are fresh daily and local too!



5. Endless Grind Coffee

17070 E. Quincy Ave. Aurora, CO 80015

Hours: Daily 7-4pm

Seating: Indoors

At home in the southeast Aurora suburbs, Endless grind is the only shop in their area with in-house fresh roasted, organic and fair trade coffee. The 1st Sunday of every month Endless grind hosts a traditional Ethiopian Coffee ceremony. As a community centered business they also host the work of local artists on a monthly basis, and the occasional politician. 

IG: endlessgrindcoffee


6. Sojourners Coffee and Tea  

1501 South Holly Street Denver, CO 80222

Hours: 7-5pm

Seating: Indoors/Patio

Owned by Hatem “Tem” Abusadigh, Sojourners brews up specialty roasted Ethiopian coffee. The beans are tripled washed before being roasted locally. The process brings out the fruity flavor of the yirgacheffe. The featured teas are from local brands Teatulia and The Tea Spot. Serving up fresh pastries made locally by Reunion bread in a cozy environment that makes you feel welcome and at home. 

IG: sojournerscoffeeandtea


 Whichever location you choose, you are sure to find welcoming friendly staff, and maybe even a new favorite of your own. Now for the best part we are giving away gift cards and one lucky person will win High Tea for 4 at Tea Lees! If you are located outside of the Colorado area some of these locations do ship their bulk goods so feel free to throw your name in the ring.  Enter the contest by clicking here and the rules (gotta have them) are here. Now I know you are wondering which of the spots serves Herbal Honey tea? Well none of them yet........until then get your fix by visiting our online shop. Is there a spot you think I missed? Drop us a line and let us know: contact

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