Preparing for Winter: 6 Tried and True Tips

Preparing for Winter: 6 Tried and True Tips

Fall is here with all its beautiful changes ushering in the winter season. Each year fall reminds us that change is good and there is a time to let things go. Fall is also the perfect time to prepare for winter. The cold drives us all indoors and in close quarters. While sharing time with loved ones and friends is irreplaceable there is one other thing we share unintentionally, our germs. Colds and flu are a common occurrence during the winter months and getting through them can be exasperating. A lot of people will get a flu shot, which I highly recommend for individuals with compromised immune systems, advanced age, or other illness that flu complications could become deadly for. The Center for Disease Control estimates the flu shot last year was less than 40% effective. Here at Herbal Honey we offer a few different options for helping boost your immune system and combating some of the everyday things that can weaken it and you over time. In addition there are some everyday ways to help keep you and your loved ones moving smoothly through the winter season. Now that winter is around the corner (December 21st) here are a few tried and true tips.

1.  Wash Your Hands

We can never say this enough but wash your hands. The CDC recommends hand washing as one of its top 2 ways to prevent the spread of colds and flu If you find yourself wondering when should you wash your hands:

  • After using the restroom
  • After coughing or blowing your nose
  • After you return home and before you begin touching things in your home
  • After any interaction with someone who is ill
  • Before touching your eyes, nose, mouth
  • Before you eat

Hand washing is the simplest and number one way to prevent the spread of illness. If you can’t get to a sink hand sanitizer is the second best option for cleaning your hands until you can wash them.

2.  Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes

This simple thoughtful action helps prevent others from getting sick.  A tissue or your elbow is best to prevent the rapid spread of germs through the air. If you have small children encourage them to do the same. What may end up being a simple cold for you can be something much more treacherous to someone with a compromised immune system so be a good neighbor and cover it up and order up some of your seasonal cough relieving honey The Suppressor. Infused with Osha and a few other jewels in raw unfiltered honey it is great at not only suppressing your cough but also improving the productivity of the coughs you do have.

3.  Limit or Reduce Stress

Stress has been shown time and again to weaken your immune system and to negatively affect the overall day to day functions of the human body. Balance-Her and Balance-Him were both created to help combat the effects of long term stress and help maintain balance. They are also formulated based on the hormone levels that are unique to the male and female systems. Balance-Her and Balance-Him are also available as an infused honey.

4.  Eat a Healthy Balanced Diet

Your body needs fuel to operate and to recover. The best defense is a good offense so providing your body with good sound nutrition helps keep it functioning at its highest levels. It is just as important to drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to prevent dehydration. Your cells need the fuel created by your food and the water you take in to fully function properly. Nourish is a great way to naturally supplement your diet packed full of vitamins and minerals. Nourish is an all organic formula available as a tea or infused honey.

5.  Act at the First Sign of Symptoms

If you get caught with your immune system down the best defense is to respond at the first sign of symptoms. Our Immune Support Tea is great to use before or at the onset of any illness. It contains echinacea and elderberry both scientifically shown to boost the immune system and shorten the length of viral illnesses. It also important to rest, drink plenty of fluids and ensure that you are eating well to help decrease the length and severity of your illness.

6. Stay Home if You are Ill

This seems as though it goes without saying but staying home and keeping kids home from school is a great way to prevent the spread of illness within your community. Also take into consideration loved ones and friends who may have a harder time recovering from an illness and avoid visiting when you are or have symptoms of illness.

You can’t always avoid and prevent every illness. At Herbal Honey™, we’re here to help you enjoy the beauty of the season without the time honored traditions of cold and flu. Click here to try any of the tried and true remedies included in this blog.  In addition to these tips know when to seek medical attention. Coughs lasting a week or more and a fever that lasts more than 2 days require at a minimum medical advice (this time frames vary for children). As always trust yourself and seek help sooner if you think you need it. Be Safe, Be Healthy, and Be Blessed.

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