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Our New Look - A Brief Word from Our Founder

Over the last year or so Herbal honey has undergone quite the overhaul. Our website is new, our packaging has changed and we are adding more new and fun products.  You may have also noticed some fundamental changes and be wondering why? We love answering questions so here are the answers to some of your most burning questions!

1. Why does the packaging have scriptures on it now?

As I have grown deeper in my faith I felt the need to express that and give honor back to God for the gift that he blessed me with in my ability to create the formulas that I do.  The Lord lead me to put scriptures on the packaging. It took me a while to select and pray over each one but I hope that reading them is uplifting and inspiring to each person who receives or purchases Herbal Honey products.

2. Don't you care that the new look will turn people away?

I know that some people will be turned off and offended by seeing the scriptures on the packages and the website. While my goal is not to offend anyone I stand firm in my decision and trust that God will continue to lead and guide me along my path. I know there a lot of reasons people do not like the word but I often find that dislike is most often related to people and not God directly himself.

Explain that last statement?!

Often times the perception people have of God is skewed by religious practices and traditions. It can also be based on inaccurate interpretation of the word. A lot of things people relate to God actually have nothing to do with Him at all. It is important to study and know the word for yourself so that you can develop a personal relationship with the Lord which is what he desires.

3. Are you die hard Bible thumper now?

LOL! Well yes and no in the traditional sense. I am totally sold out for God, who He is and what He is doing and has done in my life.  I do not by any means believe the word is to be used to create shame, guilt or a set of rules to beat people over the head with. God left us this beautiful book of instructions full of imperfect people so that we can learn and understand who He is.  He also wants to understand that our value is not tied to what we do or what we have but to who we are, HIS! Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love our neighbor so my goal is to do everything in love. I know I won't always get it right but I committed to getting back up every time I fall.

4. Is this blog going to be all about your beliefs?

No. There are tons of new and fun tea happenings!

    1. We are now vending at the Saturday Night Bazaar near Sloan's Lake, click here for upcoming dates.
    2. Summer Blends are live: there is a limited quantity available now through Labor day. Last Saturday they sold out at the market so grab yours before the season and the tea are gone.
    3. Bottled tea is coming!!! You asked we answered, we will have 3 blends available to purchase starting July 1. Be on the lookout for pre-order details and 4th of July specials
    4. Code Red is changing! We know it works like a miracle but can leave you feeling a little bitter so a new flavor profile is on the way

We hope that covers everything for now. If you think we left something out drop us a line: contact us

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