Men's Health Tips

Men's Health Tips

In June we celebrated three unique special things; men’s health, dad and summer. If you are anything like me then you appreciate your dad for being imperfectly perfect. Dads are the superheroes we look up to when we are children. They are also the men we have newfound respect for as adults when we truly understand what it means to be responsible and if we are so blessed responsible for our own children as well. Depending on his age and health status you may have gone from feeling like he is invincible to wondering how many more father’s days you have left together. Men’s health is an often talked about but oft overlooked necessity. As of 2010 the US Census Bureau was already reporting a downtrend in annual visits to healthcare providers and men as a whole were 11% less likely than women to go to the doctor at all. After the age of 65 though that trends upward with only 8% of people not having an annual check up.

So what’s important about an annual check up? Well your annual check ups are considered preventative treatment/medicine. It is your doctors chance to do routine screenings for your based on common health problems for your sex/age/racial groups, and also screenings based on your family medical history.  These tests can include:

    1. Blood pressure – High blood pressure/Hypertension can lead to stroke or Heart attack. It can be an indicator of a more serious problem and it is important to have a physician monitoring this condition and to take any medication as prescribed. Some people have contributing factors like excessive weight gain that if removed can also alleviate the high blood pressure all together. Every health picture is different so it is important to work with your doctor to find what is the best route for you and your care. High blood pressure can also affect your vessels interfering with your ability to get or maintain an erection. To learn more about high blood pressure you can read the American Heart Association – Facts about High Blood Pressure  
    2.  Prostate check – At around the age of 35 most men will begin to experience some form of Benign Prostatic Hypertension (BPH). The degree of prostatic enlargement and symptoms will vary by individual, but by the age of 60 at least 30% of men will have symptoms. An enlarged prostate can affect your ability to urinate, the frequency and urgency with which you go to the restroom and it can affect your sexual life as well.  The Mayo Clinic offers some wonderfully in depth information in lay terms.

3.  Cholesterol testing – An early indicator of heart disease. There are four numbers your doctor will check:

      • LDL- low density lipoproteins or bad cholesterol you want this number under 100
      • HDL – high density lipoproteins or good cholesterol (you want this number to be higher than your ldl)
      • Triglycerides – a form of lipid (fat) found in your blood. It is generally stored for later use but if it is in your bloodstream in high quantities it can signify some other risks
      • Total Cholesterol – cumulative amount of cholesterol related fat in your blood

For the most accurate results your doctor may request that you fast. Eating within 8 hours of a cholesterol test can cause false results by increasing the level of triglycerides. Follow the link for The American Heart Association information on Cholesterol, screenings and more.

4. Glucose testing – Early diagnosis of diabetes or even pre-diabetes can help you put lifestyle changes in motion that may allow you to return to a safe range or at minimum prevent you from suffering through all of the complications associated with diabetes. Learn more about your diabetes risk by taking the home self assessment offered by the American Diabetes Association

5. Skin check (Particularly important if you spend lots of time outdoors) – Your doctor will check your skin to determine your risk or likelihood of skin cancer. Any pre-existing moles will be assessed for changes in size shape or color.  You can learn more about spotting skin cancer and what to watch for from the American Cancer Society


Herbal Honey offers some amazing formulas that can help you along the way to healthy lifestyle goals. Balance Him, a top selling formulation, was created to help maintain male hormonal balance. We included herbs to help ramp down the adrenal cortex which is activated in stress. Stress is one of the main factors in the quality of your long-term health. Excessive stress has been shown to age your organs prematurely. We threw in some herbs to help the prostate and to nourish. Our Super Prostate Formula is a fast growing favorite, with a mild smooth flavor, it is packed with herbs scientifically tested and proven to reduce the symptoms of BPH. He-Time is our homage to the modern day relaxation term ‘Me-Time’. It is designed for some fellas only me-time because we not all relaxing happens with beer in the man cave or hanging with the guys like commercials would lead us all to believe. While we offer amazing options to accompany your health care regimen it is important to see your doctor regularly for check ups and also following your associated health care plan.

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