It Costs How Much?

It Costs How Much?


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So family, we've been running. Not for our health but trying to stay ahead of inflation, supply shortages and outages. Despite our best efforts to keep our prices the same we finally have to make a few changes. We know that a few dollars is major change. In considering and calculating these changes we took everything, even our shipping policies into account. Our goal was to find a price point that we hope can hold steady for the next few years. A lot of national brands get you both ways by increasing the cost and decreasing the amount of product you are actually getting. We are all about trust, clarity and leaving the trompe de l'oeil(trick of the eye) for art. Here is what you will see moving forward.


Loose Leaf Blends

All of our core blends in, with the exception of 2, have been adjusted to an across the board price of $22 for two ounces and $30 for four ounces. Why $22 and $30? Without giving you all the tea, we saw some of our pricing was trending toward disrespectful and others were appropriate so to smooth it all over we went with a flat rate. We ain't 'bout that price gouging life.

Our seasonal blends moved to a flat rate of $17. The seasonal nature of these blends gives us the ability to set cost in advance by planning for a limited amount. That way you get to enjoy each season with a new flavor without giving us all your hard earned coins to stay in the loop.  Summer Blends are available now so get yours while the getting is good.

Gift Sets/Boxes

At this time our gift set pricing will remain the same. The Super Sampler will see a minor increase of $35, a five dollar increase. Our She/He Time gift boxes are undergoing a makeover so we are clearing out what we have left of the original at a sweet discount. Grab yours today before they are gone! Shop Bundles


While a lot of companies have adjusted their minimums for free shipping, or increased their rates there is nothing to see here. We will still continue to offer free shipping on orders over $50. Free local delivery will see a minor threshold increase of $45 up ten dollars from $35. Local delivery pricing will remain $5 and will include the forthcoming local delivery taxes.

Why Transparency

Of course we could have waited for you to notice or move on to a lower quality option, but that's not how you do family. Not to mention we drink it too! The employee discount does a little something but it definitely ain't free! When we invited you to join our CommuniTEA™ and said you were family we meant that. We may be a business, but our business is made up of individuals and families who are experiencing the same changes and uncertainties. In essence this burden is shared. We set out to create a brand you can trust, love and depend on. We hope we are doing just that.


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