Herbs and Injuries: Natural Options for Pain and Inflammation

Herbs and Injuries: Natural Options for Pain and Inflammation

In July I did something I have never done before in my life; I broke two different bones, wow! In addition, I tore some ligaments and stunted myself emotionally for a little while by being less than able to care for myself. Let's be honest who likes getting washed up instead of a shower or a bath! The most overwhelming part of it all was the pain, it hurt so much to move I was laying in one position for days. Rest is an important part of healing, along with pain maintenance and good nutrition. Here's how I handled all three to help shorten my recovery time.


It should go without saying but rest is so important. Your  body much like any fine tuned machine needs regular maintenance and your cells do that while you sleep. While you are sleep your brain stores new information and waste is removed from your brain cells, helping it to keep functioning.  In addition your body repairs muscle and tissues as well as releasing hormones.  After an injury, major illness or surgery rest helps the body get back to its prior state. Initially rest was difficult, If I moved the wrong way it would awaken me. I honestly could not decide between a natural or a medical solution. In the end I opted for a few days of narcotics to accompany my at home regimen. I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding the use of narcotics for pain and their addictive nature. This is truly a case by case individual decision. You have to weigh the benefits and risks as well as your prior history. If you have struggled with addiction you may opt to use as many alternatives as possible. There is nothing wrong with either path. For rest I recommend She-Time™ and He-Time™

Pain and inflammation

For the pain and inflammation if you have been following us for a while you already know I chose Savannah's Blend™. The formula acts in a similar way to Ibuprofen by inhibiting the action of COX-2 which one of the key factors in inflammation. Unlike Ibuprofen there are no known risks that prevent you from drinking as much as you need. That combined with Ice to reduce the swelling. Initially the injuries were so tender to the touch even the ice was painful to rest them on. Once I could actually touch them I began to apply Savannah's Salve™ regularly. I continued to ice and to be cognizant of the doctors instructions regarding using my appendages.


Sugar is one of my biggest vices. I love, love, love baked goodies. While I was in recovery I knew it was important to limit it for three reasons.

  1. It can increase inflammation and slow healing time.
  2. It does not contain all of the building blocks my body needs to make the repairs associated with each injury.
  3. My limited mobility could lead to a rapid weight gain.

Even though I am never in a rush to put down my weekly cupcake, I did indulge a little, I wanted my body back. In order to to that I increased my vegetable, protein (both meat and plant sources), and water intake. Vegetables have key vitamins and minerals that are necessary for cellular function and repair. While I can get all of those from pills they are more readily absorbed from food. Protein when broken down has the key ingredients your body needs to build, or in my case rebuild, muscle, ligaments and tendons.  Water helps your every process in your body to flow (pun intended). Water also is needed to help your body flush the toxins and damaged cells it removed as a result of the injury.

While I am still on the mend, I am certain this regimen helped me get to where I am faster than my provider team anticipated. There is no perfect way to heal, but your choices while you are healing can make a huge difference in your recovery time and if you are able recover fully.  It is also important to seek help/care from a professional to ensure everything is progressing in the right direction regardless of the time frame.


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