Black Excellence in Wellness

Black Excellence in Wellness

January and its New Year's resolutions for wellness have come and gone. For some wellness is a lifestyle and Helping others get there and maintain it is a mission. Here at Herbal Honey we believe wellness is more than just taking the right herbs it is a lifestyle. Meet Five Denver area entrepreneurs who are changing lives for the better as they change the way we think about food(diet) and exercise with their amazing processes, plans, tenacity and commitment to helping us all live our best lives one lifestyle change at a time. Not only do we celebrate the excellence that each of them bring to the table. We also use their services to keep us lookin fly and living our best whole life.

Michelle Fox - Culinary Nutritionist


Michelle Fox Culinary Nutritionist
Michelle Fox, Culinary Nutritionist, is a mom, wife, friend, yogi, and community builder. It is her mission to create healthier communities.  She teaches busy professionals how to get more nutrition in their bodies and how to have more fun in their home kitchens!


Michelle's certifications come from New York University, Inner Connection Institute, Arvigo Institute (Belize) and the Academy of Culinary Nutrition (Toronto). She builds healthier communities through teaching culinary nutrition workshops and through community service. 

Based in Denver, Colorado, you will find Michelle on socials @michellefoxlove and at


Recco Persall - Wellness 365


Recco Persall owner Wellness 365
Recco's approach to fitness is distinct from most trainers. He has a background in rehab therapy, strength & conditioning, knowledge in nutrition, as well as understanding body types. With the various types of education, Recco is able to get your body in shape safely without injury.  He studied Kinesiology at the Metropolitan State University of Denver. As a trainer and wellness professional he goes to the furthermost degree to learn the body.  This sets him apart and enables him to provide high rates of success. Recco has gone as far as taking the time to become overweight to understand the emotions of losing weight.  In addition, he studied massage for one year to understand muscle tissue better. Moreover, he's also been a model and trained with professional athletes. In other words, he lives a healthy lifestyle to gain as much experience so that he can give you the best results.


Check out Recco's free Sugar Detox Guide or find the perfect virtual or in person training plan online at Wellness 365.


 Brittney and Joslyn Reese - FIT & NU®

Brittney and Joslyn Reese of Fit & Nu
 Photo - @thefemaleshoota[/caption]


FIT & NU™ was founded by sistah-sisters, Joslyn and Brittney Rae Reese in March of 2015, just two years after embarking on a lifechanging backpacking trip through Central America. While traveling, the sister's were on individual pursuits to create healthy habits of their own. Joslyn's love for nutrition began with juicing. As Head NUtrition Coach, Joslyn takes a (w)holistic approach by exploring simple ways on how to heal one's relationship with food. Head FITness Coach, Brittney Rae remixed her love for dance and Functional FITness to create high-energy, body and behavior changing workouts that build strength and empower the mind to believe "you CAN do this".

Fit & Nu offers a variety of classes and wellness services. Find your next favorite class or workout program


Gabriel Watkins - Powerhouse Personal Training


Gabriel Watkins Powerhouse Personal Training

 PowerHouse PT is on a mission to  “Change How You Train”.  Our mission is to fundamentally alter the way everyone trains by implementing fundamental corrective exercise. We pair that with  a traditional strength and conditioning, and emphasizing the importance of recovery through dietary balance, to 'Change How You Train' in the gym and outside of it.  We begin with corrective movement patterns. That way we can prepare and ensure the body’s ability to do what it does best, maintain balance internally. To get something you’ve never had you have to do something you’ve never done, and that’s why we like to use as many non-traditional strength and conditioning exercises as we can.

Consequently, putting these things together with a balanced, recovery focused diet, anyone can become their own PowerHouse. We are also the only gym in Colorado solely dedicated to the precise training of the individual. That gives us a distinct advantage in helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. We treat every body like our own with training, with respect to all things, and with love.

Start your journey today by signing up for free virtual training now through February 22, 2022 and become your own  "PowerHouse"

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