Amazing Black Female Founders You Need to Know

Amazing Black Female Founders You Need to Know

There is something to celebrate every day of the year if you are savvy enough to look for it. This month we celebrate Women's History month and some insanely dope female founders. If you have made it to our site then hopefully you are aware of our courageously amazing founder Keisha, If not check out her story here Get to Know Keisha.  Just like our favorite coffee shops, these ladies have no ranking order possible so you will find them in good old fashioned alphabetical order, lol. They are truly amazing in their industries and unmatched in their crafts.  Each of these women brings something innovative to her product or service that sets them above and apart from anyone or anything similar.

    1. Angela Wells - Serein Natural 

      We can not say enough about this skin care line! Before Serein Naturals we couldn't find products good enough to even consider a routine, as most of them created the problem they were designed to help with. Serein {Se-rāin}was founded in 2016 by Angela Wells, with the help of her sister and cousins. In need of a healthy scalp treatment to repair damage and nurture hair growth, she set out to make her own formula from chemical-free and vegan ingredients. Her background as an organic oil consultant for dōTERRA gave her extensive knowledge of essential oils, and she incorporated that expertise when she created Hair Gold. With that, the idea for Serein Naturals was born. We now offer a diverse array of face, body, and hair products that you’ll feel great about using every day.

    2. Cheriece Peterson - Natural Urbanity

      If we could sum up our experience with Natural Urbanity in just a few words it would be The Softest Skin Ever. Cheriece is a wife and mother of 5 blessings, known affectionately as Reese. Reese was driven to start her own business while transitioning from relaxed to natural hair. "I found that many products either didn't work, too expensive or had ingredients that were down right scary. I started on this path of doing research and finding out that products didn't have to be synthetic, overly complex, and that I could make them myself." I wanted others to have that same benefit and availability as well. Thus, Natural Urbanity was inspired and birthed from her love and passion of all things natural. Reese prays that customers enjoy all the fun scents and benefits of Natural Urbanity products as much as she enjoy creating them!  Additionally, each product order on her website has the option to be customized. You can specifiy the scent or include a message on the label. You can find Natural Urbanity body butters in our Limited Edition Gift Box

    3. Felicia  Jackson - CPR Wrap 

      Despite her CPR certification and career as a medical professional, Felicia Jackson froze when her 2-year-old son experienced a choking incident in the backseat of her car.  When Felicia froze from fear, her husband acted quickly and saved the toddler, but Jackson was left shaken. Following the incident she became determined to prevent the same thing from happening to others. If a trained professional can forget CPR under extreme stress, Jackson knew it was probably happening to people everywhere. As an answer to this very present danger, she invented CPR Wrap. It is a disposable CPR template that lays across the victim's chest and provides step-by-step instructions to any lay responder. In addition to the instructions, CPR Wrap has an attached one-way valve mouth barrier and visual hand placements for proper compression.   Felicia's story is so relatable as any of us could be overcome by fear, especially when it comes to saving the life of a loved one.  Time is critical when it comes to life saving actions like CPR and for that reason you can find an infant sized CPRwrap in each of our Lactation Gift Baskets.

    4. Manushkka Sanvil - Chubby Curls

      Chubby Curls is the brain child of Manushkka, the widely celebrated 'Moisturizer-In-Chief' of Chubby Curls. Chubby Curls Hair Products is a line of high quality, all-natural products formulated to maximize moisture and eliminate the many challenges dryness causes for textured and curly hair. By sharing best practices and teaching naturals how to understand their individual hair needs, Chubby Curls' mission is to educate and empower the black community so we can undo false narratives and embrace the beauty and versatility of our hair! What can we say about Chubby Curls other than our 4c hair loves all that chemical free moisture.

    5. Pamela Richardson -  Miss Peabody's Southern Tea Cakes

      Miss Peabody’s Southern Tea Cakes was started as an act of self-love. The company’s Founder/Owner, Pamela Richard, had just been let go from her job. Unsure what her next move would be inspiration struck while watching an episode of The Great British Baking Show. She began to remember her grandmother baking tea cakes for her siblings and cousins. She recalled the immense amount of care and compassion she experienced sitting in her grandmother’s kitchen. It all became clear what she needed to do and in November 2017 Miss Peabody’s was born. “When I’m baking, I can feel my grandmother hugging me.” Miss Peabody was the nickname given to Pamela by her Grandma Helen.  For those wondering what exactly is a tea cake: tea cakes are a combination of a cake, cookie, and biscuit all rolled into one. The result is a buttery, tender, chewy bite of deliciousness. Not only are they delicious but they are hard to turn down with flavors that stray from the tradition. In addition Gluten Free varieties are available as well. Look out for Miss Peabody's coming soon to a new Herbal Honey gift box!

    6. Sparkle Robinson - Destiny Connections

      What can we say about Destiny Connections other than we love it!  Sparkle has been an amazing resource in coaching us towards our destiny and passion. She started Destiny Connections because "I realized that many people have a problem understanding and pursuing their God given Destiny. I was blessed to understand my Destiny early in life so I knew that I was supposed to help usher others into a place of fulfillment by going after their Destiny! As a part of that calling, I provide Destiny Coaching & Consulting! ‘Connecting you to your Destiny is our Business!" In addition to professional coaching and consulting Sparkle also hosts a podcast aptly titled sHE Speaks. sHE Speaks is a great source of inspiration as guests share their testimonies by laying raw all of their trials and triumph. You can listen to the Podcast on or Spotify

    7. Spirit Corley  - Gem Scents Aromatics

      Gem Scents was an instant hit and replaced all of our store bought perfumes! We loved the scents so much we were elated to discover that you can buy the concentrated scents and now uses them to refill our wall flowers. Founded by Spirit Corley, Gem Scents Aromatics is an unmatched scent experience. Her strength and courage emanate through every aspect of her brand. Each scent has a unique story of inspiration. Formulated from pure aromatic body oils made from high-quality essential oils, exotic imported oils, and superior uncut oils from around the globe. These intoxicating aromatic body oils are the Perfect Perfume Alternative! Spirit turned her passion and gift of scent into purpose manifesting a conscious brand and collection of natural bath & body oil products. This all manifested as a result of autoimmune disorder that challenged her in many ways; emotionally, spiritually, and physically but I chose to take that challenge and turn it into a business. "I create tiny batches by hand and pour my soul into all that I do."  You can find Gem Scents minis in our Gift Baskets

    8. Tesa Edmonson Jones - Akasha Be Well 

      Tesa Edmonson Jones is the founder of Akasha Be Well Skincare, a Black/Indigenous woman veteran owned business.
      Founded in 2016 in Denver, Colorado, from a need to find naturally effective, clean skincare products especially formulated for oily skin. Finding none, we decided to create our own. Akasha Be Well is formulated to be effective and naturally balanced. Sustainably clean skincare products are made from the finest natural and organic ingredients and mindfully packaged. Our mission is to formulate naturally effective skincare that enhances the health and radiance of your skin. In addition to supporting and preserving our delicate, natural environment.  With every product purchase; a tree will be planted in Rocky Mountain National Park, in Colorado. This simple act helps our local environment mitigate climate change, protect our water supply (Colorado supplies 19 states with fresh water).  preserve our native species, and reduce the impact of wildfires. And we're proud to say we're Colorado Made!  In addition to using Tesa's skin care products for ourselves we proudly include her radiance dry mask in our Gift Boxes
    9. Topia Tessema - Abiyah Natural

      Topiah and Abiyah Naturals are one of our favorite indeed. Of course as with every other product or service we listed we've tried it. In fact we use it regularly! Her soaps come in such an amazing variety for every skin type and condition. No matter which one you chose the one thing you don't have to worry about is harsh harmful chemicals. For years she have enjoyed making hair and skin care products that glorified the beauty of nature. Topia initially became interested in handmade bath and body products because she felt it was vital to explore more natural options. Considering the  vast number of chemicals that are found is commercial bath and body products. After years of experimenting and perfecting recipes, Abiyah Naturals came to life completely when she had her first child in 2011. She now only uses  handmade products on their hair and skin. You can find Abiyah Naturals in our Gift Boxes
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