3 Teas You Need in Your Life Right Now

3 Teas You Need in Your Life Right Now

Tea as self care

Autumn is here, winter is peeking around the corner and stress levels are high. 2020 has been a rollercoaster year of drastic highs and steep drops. It is also a critical one with the Coronoavirus resurging and flu season kicking off being out of balance, can weaken our immune system and make us more susceptible to illness. Rest, exercise and a healthy diet can help alleviate some of the issues. Here are three teas you can add  as self care to your daily routine right now to help you stay on or get back on track.

Balance Her/Him

Balance-Her and Balance-Him or the balance blends are designed to help promote hormonal balance. Why is that important? Hormones can affect your mood, weight gain or loss, fertility and the functioning of your immune system.  When our hormones are out of line all of you suffers. Depending on the level of the imbalance others around you may suffer as well by being subject to your mood swings or communal illness.  In addition, these blends help mitigate that and help promote balance where it starts on a cellular level.


He-Time and She-Time are blended to help promote rest and restoration, by helping to ramp down your adrenal and promoting sleep.  Rest and restoration are an important part of your body's self care plan. When you sleep your body repairs itself and prepared for the next day. Insufficient down time will limit your body's ability to heal and can even put it at odds with itself. Activation of your adrenal cortex is the body's natural response to stress. Conversely, overactivation can lead to illness and a lower quality of life. At the same time, people with a hyperactive adrenal cortex often have bodily aches and pains that linger or never go away. Furthermore, they may also suffer from chronic fatigue and an inability to stay healthy.


Immune Support

Immune support is designed to help activate and support a healthy immune system. Packed with two scientifically proven immunomodulators(they get the immune system going), it helps keep your immune system moving. In addition it also herbs that help ramp down the adrenal cortex and nourish your body. Ultimately your immune system is an intimate part of your body's full functioning and process. Adding these blends to your day is just one part of a healthy self care routine. For more tips on staying healthy in the winter check out our Preparing for Winter blog.

While all these blends are available individually they are now available as a bundles as well. Order yours today and start practicing tea as self care!

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